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«Do it yourself on the internet».

It’s the great fraud 3.0

The TODOLOCO Entrepreneur Syndrome


We need to rehabilitate entrepreneurs who spend their time on the internet and social networks while their business stagnates due to lack of dedication, because they work under the «I do it myself», they are todolocos.

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Chilling testimonies of entrepreneurs who lost their sanity and became TODOLOCOS and worse, they neglect their business.




We give you a free 1 month rehabilitation treatment.

A can be recognized by the following SYMPTOMS:

There are several types of

They waste time and actually like doing it. They can never get enough and always want to install updates, write another post, reply to more comments, more tweets! There will be time to do what is really important.

They have calculated what they can save by doing certain things themselves. They know that it may not be perfect, but they assume that not everything can be perfect. Doing these activities takes so much time that it prevents them from carrying out their business and life normally. But because they are stubborn, they insist to the point of exhaustion.

They don’t know how to do it, they don’t like to do it, and they don’t want to do it, but they don’t think of asking anyone to do it, even if they have to spend hours and hours on it and the final result is a real piece of shit.

We give you a free rehabilitation treatment for 1 month.

To get our treatment for Todolocos.

We are looking for a project to manage completely FREE for one month.

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