How consumers discover products online

When we see that 96% of the Latin American population on the Internet has a smartphone, we realize that the cell phone is changing people’s lives. As more people access mobile, we will continue to see changes in the way they discover new products and services, create shopping lists, seek support from friends and make […]

6 out of 10 SMEs are selling online and surviving COVID-19 -AMVO

3 out of 10 small and medium-sized companies believe that online sales could represent more than 31% of their total sales after the contingency. In the midst of the SARSCov2 coronavirus pandemic responsible for COVID-19, the second edition of the Study on Online Sales in SMEs 2020, prepared by the Mexican Association of Online Sales […]

What Mexican consumers expect when they visit your online store

There are several expectations that Mexican consumers seek to meet when shopping online, here we tell you what they are. The main reasons are: to be able to receive their purchases at home, save time, find promotions and discounts, compare prices, among other things. However, this does not mean that the simple fact of having […]

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